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in fact, i'm in love with italian food.

An LJ community for Jim and Pam from The Office
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JIM + PAM at livejournal.com
this community is dedicated to to the characters jim and pam from nbc's hit show 'the office'. feel free to post anything jim and pam related here - may it be icons, fanmixes, fanfics, pictures, etc. as long as it is jam related you can post it:]

community guidelines
"this is an environment of welcoming and you should just get the hell out."
when posting icons please format it with three preview icons and lj-cut the rest of your icons.
images larger than 320 x 140 = lj-cut.
long article? provide a little preview or summary of what's in the article and the rest goes under an lj-cut.
play nice and spread the jam love!

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